Thursday, May 19, 2011

so many beautiful things

i wish i could tell you that i too don't know what i want. i just feel the pressure of time. if i don't have my baby now, i might never. then i think.. who cares. i can be selfish and not have a baby, and live my life freely and travel the world and not be tied down. no matter where i go, my family will be there to support me. they don't feel the need to have a baby in the family. maybe i can just get up and go. when my apartment lease is up... i can storage my things, and finally go to austraillia... or move to austin w/ brenna... or go downtown... or live in a motel... i can work remote/online.. i can work on a train on my way to washington state. the possibilites are endless. and no one to tie me down. i can continue all around the world to my hearts content.

or i can stay here at microsoft and type my possiblities while i have gentleman suiters claim they want to take me away. all talk and no play. smh.

i'm listening to my song that makes me dream.. and now i'm dreaming. the thing is... ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE.

yep. i'm gonna do it.

I'm going to do what I want. NOW.


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