Thursday, June 10, 2010

to lose 7 pounds

So, it seems that summer is appoaching and I have some spring cleaning to do before it gets here, and by spring cleaning, I mean, make-under my life. This means, get rid of items I no longer use, clothes, magazines, old food in the fridge and unwanted fat around my waist!!! YES, I already started clearing out the closet, and well, organizing the magazines. But the hardest part is getting back to my summer body. This winter was a long one.. Gained 7 pounds in 8 months, and I'm not happy about it. So far this week, I have cut off all soda's, and coffee. Replaced it with Water and Green Tea. No more sweets for me, I have substituted oranges when I need a sweet peak. I'm only on my third day of this great reinvention and my body is already starting to feel so much better. I'm working out at LA Fitness (where i have my gym membership) everynight after work. I take the class and then afterwards run/speed walk on the treadmill for 2 miles. Then eat a light dinner and go home to prepare for the next day. I hope this helps me get to my goal ASAP, mainly because I have a wedding to go to on Friday, and I'm a brides maid at my best friends wedding next Saturday. Why did I wait so long do you ask? Because, you don't notice that your pants aren't fitting untill you start to see muffin-top.. and I have more than a muffin-top, I'm at michelin tires! LOL I'm just kidding, but that's what I feel like, I need to have a six pack, not a beer belly.

So, I'll keep you updated.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adventurous Weekend...

Road trips are mini vacations that actually take you away from home, even if just for a day.
This last Saturday, Nicko and I woke up very early (8:00AM!!!) to take Creasy on a mini adventure... yup, we went to the doggie park in White Rock, right by the White Rock Lake. Creasy's face lite up when we told him he could get in the car with us to go get breakfast. Yummy Chick-fil-A was on the menu for us. When we arrived to our destination, Creasy was very curious, he was sniffing everything out. Nicko talked to a person with a Kayak about the intriguing things about kayaking. The man went in the water, and then to our surprise, there went in Creasy!!! It was truly the highlight of the morning. After dropping Creasy off at home, Nicko and I went to Lot, Texas. It's about 30 mins Southeast of Waco. We were in search of Nicko's dream truck, VW Rabbit Truck 1980 something. Well needless to say, we didn't find what we were looking for... but, we did get to see the outside of the Dr. Pepper Museum! Did you know that Dr. Pepper was originated in Waco, Texas? I'm guessing this is why Texans are addicted to the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper. I know that my family is a huge Dr. Pepper fan. After visiting the museum, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Ninfa's where we tried some fajitas, and fried ice cream! YUMMY! After this long journey we decided to drive back home. I read to Nicko in the car so that way he wouldn't fall asleep.
On Sunday Morning, I had a cheer leading event in Irving. It was so much fun waking up early to get ready for my cheerleaders to play flag football. I'm not a sporty kind of person, but running in the hot 100 degree weather with 20 of my favorite girls and boys it was worth it. My Yo Bro was there too, being the paparazzi! After a long morning playing in the sun, Jess and I went to all our favorite Dollar Stores to look for great buys to give as gifts to the Cheerleaders for Cheer Camp. Success! We found all we needed, jewelry, makeup bags, glitter and frames.
When I got home, Nicko and I were starving, so off to run errands at Target and to try out a new restaurant in Cedar Hill - well, it's not new, but new for me because I have never been there. After dinner the sun was still shinning so we decided to head to Duncanville to visit Nicko's Family and enjoy their swimming pool!!! We were there till the sun went down, it was very relaxing. When we finally got home, we decided to end the weekend with a movie, and watched a really good one called The Blind Side. I recommend it to everyone.
It was a perfect weekend for us. I hope your was just as good.