Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Single and Sick

no fun. no fun to make your own tea, to make your own bed, to take yourself to the doctor. no fun to guess if you have a fever with your own hand, and turn on the movie by yourself and watch it by yourself, and take your medicine by yourself, and make a yucky face by yourself. no fun.
this year, i vow not to get sick again. it's bad enough i feel ugly and tired and coughing all over the place, i don't have anyone to tell me i'm still amazing.
now that i'm feeling better i'm already starting to take it for granted. i still have 5 more days of antibiotics. and i'm thinking that vitamins don't taste great enough to take everyday. will i feel back to "normal" soon. and why did i get sick in the first place? :( playing in the cold and staying up late, not drinking enough water, and defo not sleeping well. stress. yes, i have stress. not sure why. i think it's gone now. i forgot what i was stressed about. maybe it was my yo bro and sis' visit that made me go crazy. and work, that's never a walk in the park. most importantly... single. single = stress? only when you have to make dinner for one. LOL

miss lala

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