Thursday, December 30, 2010

single adventures at tom thumb

so, i was there standing outside the pizza in the freezer section of my local Tom Thumb. foot tapping, biting the side of my lip, starting to panic. what is going on with me, am i not to choose a pizza that i would like to enjoy myself!!?? before i always knew which one to pick... it was the one he liked. surpreme and thick crust. it was never my favorite. no, my favorite is extra thin crispy crust with pepporoni. plain, i know, but uber delish, especially with ranch dressing.
so,if i know this is what i like, why am i not reaching out to get it. is it that i want to try something new? or missing what i'm use to eating. after i picked out pizza, it's true, i put it back, and did another lap around the store before coming back and making a final decision on the exact pizza i wanted. success for one item of the 20 that i did buy. why was it so hard to get the other iteams? because there are no single serving milk cartons, no one day oreo pack, no bread packs for 5 sandwiches only. the grocery store is meant for an average family of two plus baby. costco and sams is meant for that plus two more kids and grandparents visiting. so, for this particular establishment these packages will last the average family a week; when for me, more like 3 months! not that i don't eat at home, but i can't get the courage to make single serving portions.
At the end of my trip my total came out to be $22.93 included bananas, cereal, pizza, lasagna, and chips. hum... i should have gotten some chocolate and ice cream, but i'll leave that for a day that i'm in need of an emergency pick me up.


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