Monday, December 20, 2010

having fun...

not yet, but i think i'm getting close. my friends have been inviting me to many outings to keep me occupied. but i somehow still end up in his bed. how do i keep my distance when i still have passion of that one? going to high-end clubs, bars, kerioke, maverik basket ball game, and christmas parties are all fun, but where's the love? and what does love have to do with anything? a newly single friend, Wendy, told me "the one thing i miss most about a relationship, is kissing. to have that one person kiss you, when you need it most. and it's fun. just to kiss when you get home, or when you leave, or becuase you miss them. the kiss is the biggest thing i miss" i totally agree Wendy.
on another note, i have been having fun getting ready for the holiday. i can't believe my christmas tree was up and ready, and then down and out. i don't think i'll be having a real christmas tree again... i take that back. i will try again next year. this weekend i'm going to be visiting my parents. i want to go "all out" this year for my gifts for the family, but i don't have the means. instead i will make things from scratch and they will love it. as for work, since i have to work this entire week, i will bake some muffins for friday breakfast. and i think they will enjoy. as for my gift to myself, this year i bought two things, a cutting board, and red soup bowls. they were much needed.


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