Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The goal to lose seven pounds continues...

Here we are about 3 weeks since my last blog post about losing seven pounds.
Weight - 115lbs (same)
Inches - 33 inch waist (same)
No progress. My conclusion thus far would be the Acai Cleanser didn't do what it promised to. It promised no bloating and I would lose a minimum of 5 lbs by taking out all toxins out of my system. Since that didn't work, this week, I have decided to do a whole new regimen... Pretty much workout (cardio) one hour a day before work, and one hour after work by taking a class. Taking vitamin D pills during lunch and drinking 5 bottles of water minimum. By lunch time, I'm on my third bottle (Dasani water bottles are about 20 fl oz each). Oatmeal or Kellogg's cereal with milk for breakfast, a light lunch of Peanut butter sandwich or Veggies from the cafe, and for dinner I get to eat whatever healthy food I would like. By cutting out fast foods, and soda's I'm lowering my calorie intake and feeling more energized. I'm also trying to drink one cup of Green Tea a day for the antioxidants. Plus, Green Tea always makes me feel clean and refreshed from the inside out.
I'm going to weigh myself only one time a week. And not concentrate on losing weight, but feeling better about myself. I have started some new projects like making a dress from Nicko's Shirt and choreographing dances for the Cheerleaders. I'll keep you updated with my Seven Pounds.


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