Thursday, April 14, 2011

birthday time... already!?!?

yaya, i can't believe it's my birthday coming up already!!! i'm such a busy bee, i didn't even see it was coming untill today while i was looking at my calendar. i was thinking "oh, finally a weekend coming up that i'm not busy" but then i was like "OMG, THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!" so, yea, busy again... i'm going to throw a poolside party at my apt. I think it'll be fun, and i'll get James and Jessica to cook some fiesta food :) and i'll look hott in my bikini.. or pale white and fat. either way, it's my bday, and i do what i want...hum, now to think what swim suit to wear!!!

mucho love,

p.s. i have recently unblocked my ex on the phone... should i let us be friends? enough time has passed!? what do you think?

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