Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No introductions...

I hate introductions... the expeirence is mostly jaded. You act this way, but then when we get to know eachother, we'll act another way. Why is it that we as people do that? Well I feel it's because people feel safe enough to really show our true colors, the trust is built, and the wall is thick enough to not break down (most of the time).

So, because I don't like introductions to much, I'm going to make it seem that you have known this blog, and me of course, for awhile. Let's just say, we are friends.

I am your friend, Melissa.

I am not a writer by all means. You will see many lower case "i", misspelled words, sentinces that run-on forever, and some that just don't make since. I will not apologize for my mistakes for the sole reason that I am perfect. Live with it. I do not ask for you to apologize. OK< lets have some fun!

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